Top Restaurants with Play Area in Karachi

Top Restaurant with Play Area in Karachi

Karachi is Pakistan’s vibrant city and a place with numerous restaurants that add to the charm of each neighborhood. Among these are many family-friendly restaurants that feature play areas for children. Here, we have compiled a list of such restaurants to inform our users in all aspects.

During our exploration, we found that the Top Restaurants with Play Area in Karachi city offer excellent dining experiences with all the necessary amenities in every area. These restaurants are also famous for their diverse cuisines, making dining out with family or friends a cherished tradition.

Find out Karachi’s Top Restaurants with Play Area in Karachi:

1. The Owl’s Nest Play Cafe

The Owl's Nest Play Cafe Karachi Photo

The Owl’s Nest Play Cafe is located in one of Karachi’s prime areas, offering a cafe for families and a play area for their children. This spot combines delicious food with an enjoyable kids’ indoor play area. Situated in D.H.A Phase 6, the cafe is easily accessible for all visitors, especially those living in Defence Housing Authority and Clifton.

The Cafe opens its doors at 1 pm and closes at 11 pm, making it an ideal spot for both lunch and dinner. The Cafe’s play area is creatively designed with fun-filled toys, various games, and a dedicated staff team that cares for and assists your children while they play. This allows families to relax and enjoy their meals without worries.

Read the location & contact details of Owl’s Nest Play Cafe:

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2. Kidz Town Play Cafe

The Kidz Town Play Cafe Karachi Photo

The Kidz Town Play Cafe Karachi is a family-friendly restaurant offering a complete menu for families and a specially designed play area for children. This restaurant provides various activities for kids, allowing parents to enjoy their dining without any worry. The cafe features colorful play structures, interactive games, and creative corners. The indoor play area is secure and offers a spacious environment for kids to escape outdoor activities. Residents of Karachi highly appreciate this Play Cafe, and its services are very kind.

Check the contact details and location of Kidz Town Play Cafe:

3. The Buzzing Beez Play Cafe

The Buzzing Beez Play Cafe in Karachi for Families

The Buzzing Beez Play Cafe, located in the attractive Defence Housing Authority (D.H.A), offers a delightful menu for both adults and kids ranging from scrumptious snacks to hearty meals. The restaurant also offers fresh coffee for caffeine enthusiasts. This play cafe featured a fully maintained play area for children, ensuring complete supervision of the swings and play equipment to prevent any accidents. Enjoy a meal with your family in this safe environment while your children play and have fun.

See the address and contact details of the play cafe:

4. Arena Cafe & Play Area

Arena Cafe and Kids Play Area Games Karachi

Area Recreation Center in Karachi is the only place offering all kinds of facilities, including family dining, the Rangoli Buffet, and indoor-outdoor games. If you are tired of your daily life routine, visit Arena with your family. It not only offers games for children but also provides numerous gaming opportunities for adults. Located in the heart of Karachi on the main Karsaz road just a short distance from the National Stadium. The arena is easily accessible for the people of Karachi.

Details of Games available at Arena:

  • Ice Deck
  • Kiddy Rides
  • Pool Mania
  • X Live Games
  • Just Bounce
  • Rodeo Bull
  • Just Kidding
  • Rock Climbing
  • Paddle Tennis
  • Bowling

Timings and contact details of Arena:

  • Location: Arena Karsaz Google Map
  • Timings: Mon-Sat 1:30 Pm to 11:30 PM, On Sunday 12:30 Pm to 11:30 PM
  • Phone: (021) 9924 5251-54
  • Services: Cafe Dining, Buffet, Play Area, Games