ZONG 40GB Super Monthly Max Internet Package

ZONG4G Pakistan monthly 40GB Internet Package

Rs. 1000


40 GB


One Month



Dial Code

Total 40 GB Data *20GB from 1:00 AM to 9:00 PM, and the remaining 20GB for all times.*

Are you interested in subscribing to the “ZONG monthly internet package” and want to see its details? Bundle price, code, and even tariff menu! Everything you desire is available on this page in simple words.

Read the details and procedure to subscribe to a monthly internet package, or check out the table of contents for the required information.

How to Activate Package?


To subscribe to this package just dial *6464*3*2#


For tariff activation menu detail just dial *6464# and follow the steps.


Just Dial *102# You will be charged 10 paisa+tax per inquiry


The rate of data used out of the bundle is Rs. 1+tax/MB will be charged as per the bundle expiry.

Charges for Using the Internet Without Zong Data Bundle

Whenever you use the internet without subscribing to any data bundle, you will be charged at the default rate of Rs. 4+tax/MB. So, it’s advisable to always subscribe to a Zong internet package before using the internet to avoid additional charges.

Note: Zong calculates default pulse charges with a minimum count of 1MB.

Data Usage Notification Alert

When you want to check your data consumption and find out how much of your data has been used and what percentage is remaining, Zong Network will send you notifications for that purpose.

You Will Receive Timely Usage Notification

Previously, Zong used to send an alert after 100% of the data was consumed, indicating that the data was finished. However, recently, you’ll receive notifications at 90% and 95% data consumption as well.

The usual alerts for data usage, indicating 20%, 50%, and 80%, will continue to be sent as before. Stay informed with Zong’s timely notifications about your data usage!

Can You Subscribe to Any ZONG Bundle Again?

Yes, you can subscribe to the same bundle once its specified time has expired. After that, if there is any remaining data in your previous bundle, it will be added to the new bundle, which can be used again.

If your bundle is consumed, and you don’t subscribe to it again while continuing to use data, ZONG will charge you the default rate of Rs. 4/MB until you subscribe to a data package.

Auto-Subscription of Packages

We often wonder if our package will be automatically re-subscribed when it’s used, and there’s sufficient balance in our SIM. This used to happen before, but now in 2024, only specific packages auto-subscribe if your previous bundle is exhausted.

However, these bundles do not auto-subscribe:

  • Monthly Premium: 40GB
  • Super Weekly
  • Super Weekly Plus
  • Basic Add On.