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ZONG Network 100Gb Monthly Digital Max Offer




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ZONG 4G presents the 100GB Monthly Internet Package, providing you with ample data, 10,000 on-net, 1,000 off-net minutes, and 10,000 SMS, all for just Rs. 1600 upon easy-load, subscription code *7333#.

Which Data Package is Best for the Whole Month?

For Zong users who find their data volume running out quickly or feel confused about choosing an internet package, the Monthly Digital Max package stands out as the best option.

ZONG 100GB Monthly Digital Max Offer Actual Price Rs.1500?

If you choose to subscribe through any service shop or by any online account directly, the package comes at a discounted rate of Rs. 1500.

For Rs. 1600, you get 100GB, allowing you to make the most of on-net and off-net minutes and a plethora of SMS. It’s the package that ensures a worry-free month after a single use.



Package NameMonthly Digital Max Offer
Subscribe Code*7333#
Validity30 Days (One Month)
PriceRs. 1500
Balance RequiredRs. 1600
Off-Net Minutes1,000 All Network Minutes
On-Net Minutes10,000 Only for Zong Network
SMS10,000 For All Networks
Internet GBs100 Gbs Data Volume
Remaining Bundle Check Code*102# Or *7333*2#
*7333# Select Unsub Option*7333# select Unsub Option

ZONG 100GB Monthly Digital Max Offer Code

To subscribe, dial *7333# from your Zong SIM and get confirmation via SMS notification.

Monthly Digital Max Bonus:

For those seeking a different data package, explore Zong’s 40GB Super Monthly Max package, available for just Rs. 1,000.

In this article, you can discover various Zong packages, including Monthly, Weekly, Hourly, ZONG Mega Data packages, Social Packages, All-in-One offers, and their respective codes on paklivings.com.

Is It Auto Renewable?

This monthly offer is non-repetitive, ensuring it won’t renew automatically after the validity period expires unless you subscribe again.

Check Remaining Resources for the Package:

  • Code for details of all remaining packages: *1021#
  • Remaining Minutes Code: *1023#
  • Remaining SMS Code: *1022#
  • Used and Remaining MBs Check Code: *1024#
  • Remaining Balance Code: *222# or *310#
  • Charges: Rs.0.20+tax/Inquiry

Package Validity:

ZONG Monthly Digital Max Offer is valid for 30 days, expiring on the 30th day before midnight. If you wish to resubscribe, do it before midnight on the last day, and your remaining MBs, minutes, and SMS will roll over to the new bundle.

Terms and Conditions:

  • This package is exclusively for Zong prepaid users; postpaid users cannot avail of it.
  • No call setup charges apply to this offer.
  • Subscriptions are limited to once a month.
  • The package won’t auto-activate after expiry.
  • Government taxes are included in the subscription charges for this package.