Zong Monthly Internet Package 60 GB Pro Plus

Zong Monthly Bundle 60 GB Pro plus

Rs. 1400





Off-net /mins


On-net Mins

Real happiness is connecting with our loved ones and sharing little things with family members and friends seems peaceful, which makes our every day full of joy and entertainment. This thing only can be achieved when we have the best internet packages, where we talk and connect without any data running out worries.

So, dear customer Zong network has introduced a new monthly pro plus package which offers you 60 GB of internet data, 10000 Zong minutes, 600 other minutes, and 10000 messages for only Rs. 1400. This is what you were looking for, so let us start the procedure of activation.

How to activate the Zong Monthly Internet Package 60 GB Pro Plus

Direct dialing: This is the easiest and least time taker process the user just has to dial the subscription code *7088# and activate the bundle.

Activate by “My Zong app”

Go to my Zong app on your mobile, click on bundles then click on the search button in the upper right corner search this monthly internet package then activate it by paying only Rs. 1400.

Overall Procedure of Zong Monthly Internet Package 60 GB Pro Plus

Information Code

If the user wants to check what he will get in the bundle, simply dial this code 70882# and he will able to know the details inside the package.

Activation Code

To activate this bundle users just have to dial *7088#.

Check Menu Code

If the user wants to see the menu of packages: simply dial *6464#.

Check Used Data Code

If the user wants to check how many data MBS are remaining, he has to dial *102# for it.

Subscription fee

This offer requires Rs. 1400 (incl. tax) for activation and if you want to subscribe to it from your mobile load then you should have a minimum of Rs. 1500 of load in your SIM number.

Bundle de-activation code

The bundle will Automatically de-activate after the 30th day at midnight 11-59 pm. In case you want to de-activate it send an SMS ‘’unsub’’ to 6464.


The package period is for 30 days. Have a complete month of joy and entertainment.

Terms and condition

Subscription and duration

Subscribe to the package by dialing *7088#.
The package validity is for 1 month (30 days) it ends next month.

Usage timing

The package data can be consumed any time of the day (24 hours) with no limitations.

Non Recursive

The package is non-recursive and the user will have to resubscribe the package to avail of this package again.

Internet speed

The actual speed of the internet depends on multiple factors, like your SIM, device, the website you visit, the time of day, the number of simultaneous users, and user distance from the 2G/3G/4G site.

Note: Speed can be reduced if you use internet data out of limitations.

Government Taxes

Advance income tax (AIT) rate of 15% per recharge.
Sales tax (GST) and FED 19.5% will apply to usage.