Sindh Solar Panel Scheme

Sindh Solar Panel Scheme For 2 lac Families

The Sindh government announced the relief package of Solar Panel Scheme in May 2024 for the people of Sindh province. Through this scheme, 200,000 households in the province will receive solar panels for just Rs. 7,000 in phase one.

Solar Panel For 200,000 Families: Latest Update

According to a private news channel in Pakistan, this project will start in October 2024 after the upcoming budget. 50,000 panels are allocated for the poor residents of Karachi, and the remaining 150,000 panels will be distributed to other areas of Sindh.

6,656 Solar Panels are Allocated for Each District of Sindh

In an interview, the director of the Solar Energy Project confirmed that 6,656 solar panels will be distributed in every district of Sindh province, including Karachi. After that news, the people of Sindh province asked for the registration procedure and eligibility criteria. In this article, you will get complete information about registration in the scheme.

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Sindh Government Solar System Scheme

Eligibility Criteria for Sindh Solar System Scheme 2024

Eligibility criteria for Sindh residents have not yet been clearly announced. However, it has been indicated that the scheme is only for families who cannot afford electricity bills or who do not have access to electricity.

Registration Method In Solar System

After the upcoming budget year 2024, we will continue to provide complete information about this scheme, including the start date and eligibility criteria, as soon as the Sindh government releases further updates. Details on the required documents will also be shared on this website following the next project update.

Sindh Government Will Provide 100 Free Units

Sindh Govt 100 Units Free Scheme 2024

In recent news on May 30, 2024, the government of Sindh also confirmed that they are working on solar energy parks to build mini-grids in Sindh province, which can generate electricity by solar, and the households will get 100 units/month free of cost as a government subsidy. Thisy 100-unit project has been approved by the government and will commence after the upcoming financial budget 2024.

Households can Use 1 Fan & 3 LED Bulbs

The director also mentioned that with this scheme, people can use a fan and three LED lights for 24 hours after the installation of this solar system in their houses.

He also stated that the World Bank has allocated $32 million for the first phase of this project, with the expectation of more funding in the future.

50,000 Families In Karachi will Receive Solar Panels For Rs 7,000

The residents of Sindh province, including Karachi, will no longer need to buy expensive solar systems because this solar scheme, initiated with the support of the World Bank, will provide a complete solar system for Rs. 7,000.

List of Items included in Sindh Solar Panel Scheme

  • Solar plates
  • Charge controllers
  • Batteries

With 80% of the cost covered by the Sindh government and the remaining 20% paid by the households benefiting from the scheme.

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Optimized Solar Panel Distribution Strategy for Sindh

This is the first phase of the solar scheme, primarily targeting residents of remote areas in Sindh province. The scheme will provide significant benefits to these residents, ensuring a steady electricity supply to keep their homes lit and help them survive in the summer. Also, it will reduce the burden on the government generating and distributing electricity.